Using Elbon rye for Biological Control of Root Knot Nematodes; a Gardening Experiment.

0315-elbon rye raised bed

Elbon Rye in Raised Bed, March, 2018

Last summer, 2017, our tomatoes produced a small number of very small fruit. Part of the issue was the incredible number of “stinkbugs”that invaded and damaged both the tomato fruit and the tomato plants. Another issue was nematodes. Continue reading

Spring Gardening Fever is in the Air!

20160621_104946-1.jpgThis year has been off to a rocky start; it began with the flu making its way through the family in January, with everyone well in February. Now it is March and time to get back to the garden.

If you have not yet purchased seeds, get that done asap to start planting indoors, or put the containers outside if the temperature is warming.  Start working the garden beds by adding compost and mulch.

Watch for gardening updates — we are just getting started!