White Iris with 3 Blooms.

White Iris with three flowers

Hardy white Iris with three flowers!

This “cemetery white” iris —  Iris x Albicans — has 3 flowers on one stalk (see arrows). Normally, there is only one iris per stalk. I suspect this has something to do with the brutal winter we’ve had in this area (as well as the entire country). These irises generally bloom in mass, but the temperature dropped to 21 just as the buds were setting — all existing buds were destroyed. Damaged brown foliage below the flowers is further evidence of the sub-freezing weather.

This Iris is often referred to as “cemetery white” due to it’s prominence in cemeteries. An extremely hardy Iris, it is one of the first plants to bloom in Spring, and it remains green throughout the summer, preferring dry roots (plant health declines when water sets on the roots). It is an extremely drought tolerant and water-friendly Iris.

When the blooms appear after the last frost/freeze, this Iris puts on quite a show!