Ways to Store Figs

Shown are dried figs, frozen packaged figs, canned fig preserves, and fresh figs

Figs and Storage, July 2014

Fresh figs are quite a treat, but they are very perishable and strategies for storage is essential—especially when produced in abundance in a home garden, !

Figs can be stored frozen, or dried (in the small opened jar), or as canned preserves (see photo).

We have two fig trees an LSU Purple (the darker purple at the bottom, center of the photo) fig and Alma (to the right side, an Aggie product from  Texas A&M horticulture).

This year, there is an abundance of figs, but the cool, damp weather has caused the figs to ripen slower than usual. Continue reading

Frozen Figs

We have been picking figs this summer since July 7. The tree has —so far— yielded about 70 pounds of figs! Freezing is a great way to have figs all year. (We finished the last of the frozen figs from summer 2012 two weeks before we picked the first summer 2013 fig!).


Steps to freeze—- 1) rinse well with water (these are organically grown, no pesticides), 2) place on cookie sheet (see picture), 3) freeze at least 3 hours (I have left them on the cookie sheet overnight), and 4) put into bags for storage.

NOTE—we use vacuum-packed and sealed gallon bags, then open them and use a clip to keep the bag closed. Because the figs are frozen before packing, they will break apart easily and you can remove as many or as few as desired.

Rinse the frozen figs in a cup of warm water to soften them and they will have the texture of a Popsicle — a great treat for the hot summer months!

Freezing Figs