Easy to grow Calendula for tea and skin care.

Calendula officinalis, yellow flowers with green foliage

Calendula officinalis, Flowers

Calendula officinalis – sometimes called “pot marigold” or “Mary’s Gold” – is a flowering herb that is easy to grow, and easy to maintain. The flowers are larger in Spring, decreasing in size and number in summer, and then return to the larger and more numerous in Fall.

In my garden, a plant will live about 2 years, then declines. While these have successfully self-seeded for me in the past, this year they did not. So, I’ll be planting more soon. For me, the calendula plants survive all year, but are protected from frost and freeze.

Seeds can be collected when dried, or allow them to re-seed the garden bed.

Calendula officinalis, seed head with "C" shaped seeds

Calendula officinalis, “C” shaped seeds

How to use Calendula.

Use the flower petals to make tea (1 tsp petals in 1 coffee cup of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove petals and drink) or can infuse with oil (e.g., olive oil or coconut oil) for use on the skin or in lotions.

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