Eggplant Variety Rosita: A mild flavored variety worth trying!

eggplant 0316 var Rosita rareseedsIn 2017, we planted three varieties of eggplant: Rosita, black beauty, and a long, thin variety obtained from a local gardening store (I cannot remember the variety name). This particular variety of eggplant is; Rosita. It is incredibly high yielding – bearing fruit all the way up until the first freeze if covered with frost cloth during frosts. The flesh is white with an amazingly mild flavor – if you don’t like the stronger-flavored eggplants, try this one it is excellent! The skin color is a light purple that lightens to a reddish pinkish purple with the progression of summer heat. This gem of a plant will definitely be found growing in our gardens this year. Remember, eggplant loves heat – don’t shy away from planting this one any time from spring until early summer.
You can find this one at Baker Creek heirloom seeds ( – I don’t receive any compensation for recommending Baker Creek, it is just one of my “go to” seed companies.

Eggplant variety Rosita – Absolutely a favorite around here!

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