Multiple Root Carrot

Because of the super moist Fall (combined with limited  time available for gardening), we were unable to work in the garden nearest the house (reserved for carrots, spinach and Fall green beans).

picture of multiple root carrot

Carrot Jan. 20, 2014

Last year, we planted carrots and had so many that some of them stayed in the ground long enough to make seeds that were scattered (by wind) onto the soil.

When carrot plants are not thinned out as young plants, they tend to interfere neighboring carrots’ growth and have odd shapes, or develop multiple roots if there is an excess amount of nitrogen. As a consequence, we’ve seen quite a few “odd” shaped carrots — this one (left) is the oddest so far.

Fresh Carrots!

Finally, we have a picture-perfect weekend; no wind, lots of sun and a high temperature expected to be right about 70! I decided to check on the carrots in the garden. We did not plant any in the Fall due to the rain and excessively soaked ground, however, we do have carrots in the garden now.

picture of carrot tops

Carrot Tops–Jan 18, 2014

Last year’s weather was perfect for carrots — our garden produced about 30 pounds or so. The carrots were harvested in December, with a few in January. I let some of them continue growing until seed was produced–the seed apparently had no problem germinating without help from us!

picture of carrots

Carrots from Carrot Tops Jan 18, 2014

The surprise was from the 10 inches of ground adjacent to the landscape timbers of our raised bed (yard just adjacent to garden).

The top picture shows carrot plant growth, the bottom picture shows the carrots that were pulled from the ground beneath the plants.

The carrots are all 4 to 6 inches in length, the largest diameter on a carrot is about 1.1 inches. Of course, we’ll have them for supper!