How to Spot and Eliminate Plant-Eating Insects

Thrips & Aphids on Daylilies

Tiny Insects on Daylilies

Tiny insects are showing up on my plants — especially the potted daylilies that have been placed on the porch. These insects are serious threats to plants because (1) the insects feed off the plant, and (2) insects are able to spread plant diseases.

Use an insecticidal soap to reduce the insect populations. Insecticidal soaps are more gentle on the environment (compared to other insecticides) because the only insects killed are those that come into contact with the soaps.

Insecticidal soap solutions are not toxic to plants when applied in cool to moderate temperatures.  At temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit; however, damage can occur — as it would with any “hot” soapy solution applied to plants.

When there are numerous insects observed on the plant (as seen in the picture), think “herd” and “grazing” — these insects are feeding off the plants. Start reducing the plant-eating insects as soon as possible.

Happy Gardening!

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