Moon Flowers in My Gardens—Finally!

Moon Flowers, Sept. 7, 2015

Moon Flowers, Sept. 7, 2015

After years of unsuccessfully trying to grow moonflowers from seed—usually from seed given to me as a passalong—I was given a small plant seedling that I promptly planted. Finally, I have seen first-hand the  beauty of these snow-white flowers that open in the evening an die by morning (there’s simply no comparison between pictures and the plant in bloom).

The flowers are much larger than what’s often depicted by photos. This plant got a late start (it’s just now producing seed, about 3 weeks later than the naturalized plants from where this seedling came). But, alas, I have seen the blooms, seeds are in production, and I have added a new plant to my gardens!

The series of photos below illustrates the flowers first opening, fully open, seed pods forming, and new buds appearing!


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