Updated Garden Bed for Spring 2016!

Updated Garden Bed, March 7, 2016

Updated Garden Bed, March 7, 2016

This year, I’ve decided to re-work a bed that was so hastily “thrown together” as a special place to hold those pass along treasures from family and friends. This bed was “made” by first clearing the grass (digging and pulling), then adding a mound of soil, followed by plants. After 2 years of neglect (due to quit a year of intensive overtime hours at work), I finally have a bit of time to turn my attention towards this bed.

I’ll add stones along the boarder, later (constrained by time, but really wanted to move forward with this remodel project!). The spring weather only encourages me to dress up this area around the compost beds! (Compost … a subject for a later post!)

Overgrown Flower Bed, March 2016

Overgrown Flower Bed, March 2016

Here is the  before picture. What a dramatic difference! Grass had overtaken the white iris and dormant crinums along with the daffodils,  oxblood lilies and four o’clocks.

Now that the bed has been re-worked and it ready to go, we are expecting rain overnight — possibly along with strong winds–so I’m hoping that the plants will be refreshed and ready to start the Spring season. This is the first year that so much has been done so early—probably a good thing because as warm as it’s been, we will probably have a bear of a summer!

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