Daffodils Emerging for Spring!

Daffodil foliage emerging, Feb 14, 2016

Daffodils, Feb 14, 2016

The daffodils are the first flowers to emerge and announce that Spring is eminent. They often grow and bloom despite freezing temperatures, — presenting the first color of the year. I’ve added them to corners where nothing else grows, so they are allowed to naturalize without interruption.

In this picture, the daffodils are next to a sprinkler head. As the temperature rises, the plants die back naturally and eventually, the space is opened so that water from the sprinkler will reach plants in the flower bed (on the other side of the daffodils). This helps keep unwanted plants from growing around that sprinkler head.

I’ve been able to transplant the bulbs — after they emerge — to pot up and they will still bloom. These hardy bulbs are easy keepers, keep returning year after year. As they become more crowded, dig up bulbs to transplant elsewhere — or give to friends and family!

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