October Roses–Cramoisi Superieur

On October 26 – 27, we received 2 1/2 inches of rain. The temperature range for the month of October has been 48 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit — spring-like conditions with the exception that daylight is rapidly decreasing. Compared to last year, we have received considerable more rain in October. As a consequence of the combined environmental conditions, we have lush green lawns, trees and shrubs, and an abundance of rose blooms.

The Aunt Betty Rose -- closeup

The Aunt Betty Rose — closeup

The roses add color and texture to the fall gardens! The first example is “Aunt Betty’s” rose–an old garden “China” (prolific, nearly continuous bloomer in mild climates). This rose likes about 6 hours of sunlight, is extremely diseases resistant. The roses are about 1.5 times larger in the spring.

Aunt Betty Rose, end view

Aunt Betty Rose, end view

The “Aunt Betty” Rose is so named because it belonged to my father-in-law’s Aunt Betty–whose only son died in WWII just before the end of the war. He was just a teenager. Aunt Betty kept cuttings of this rose and took them with her for her rose garden when she moved. It is believed that this rose was given to her after her son’s death. Robert is buried in France.

In my garden, it will remain the “Aunt Betty” rose. Because of it’s prolific growth and blooming nature, four plants compose the 4 foot x 32 foot raised bed in my garden.

The top picture (left) is taken from the end and illustrates the size of this rose (4 foot wide, landscape timbers).

The bottom picture shows the length of the hedge.

Aunt Betty Rose, Long view

Aunt Betty Rose, Long view

This rose is HEAVILY pruned with hedge sheers in the Spring (after the flush of growth pushes it well outside its boundaries) and again in late summer (if needed).

This prolific rose grows to about 8 feet in any direction (strong pruning is needed to keep it smaller—blooms always follow pruning) from the center; the roots are extensive and it can become invasive. It is a true survivor.

In mild climates, this rose is so prolific that it can be “pruned” using hedge sheers (Just as if it were any non-rose hedge). In my garden, it is trimmed to keep a shape no larger than 1 foot outside the landscape timber raised bed.

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