Spaghetti Squash–A great alternate to pasta!

Prepared Spaghetti Squash on a Plate

Prepared Spaghetti Squash on a Plate

Spaghetti Squash

Each year, I make an attempt to grow Spaghetti squash and each year, the yield is low numbers and small fruit (yes, I know it’s a vegetable, but seeds embedded in a covered structure are—technically–“fruit”).

This year, the excess rainfall (in May and Early June) was followed by heat and dry (with high humidity, of course) in late June and now in July. We were unable to tend to much of the garden because of the volumes of rain that created a soft, muddy soil tha was difficult to work with (in a gardening sense). The spaghetti squash loved it! (I now have a better plan for growing spaghetti squash next year!)

How to Prepare Spaghetti Squash

1. Bake in a covered dish for about 1 hour at 375 degrees until fully soft when probed with a fork utensil.

2. Cut the squash in half, lengthwise. The seeds can be seen along the outside of the center squash material.

3. Gently Remove the seeds with a fork (gently as the spaghetti material will be pulled along with the seeds). A thick, watery, non-spaghetti appearance material should also be removed with the seeds (this happens naturally as the seeds are gently pulled away–just watch for it).

4. Scrape the spaghetti-appearing plant material out of the squash half.

5. Continue step 4 until the outer covering (skin, epidermal layer) is reached.

6. Add a sauce, or salt & pepper with a bit of butter — or butter substitute of your choice.

7. Enjoy a flavorful experience!

Nutritional Value for Spaghetti Squash

When compared to pasta, Spaghetti squash is low in calories and carbs, plus it includes a number and variety of vitamins and minerals.

Check the Full USDA report for more detailed information.

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