Tomato Variety 444 by TAMU

444 Tomato Variety, picture of green fruit

444 Tomato Variety

The 444 tomato variety (also identified as BHN 444)  was bred by horticulturalists at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

This variety has demonstrated strong resistance to Tomato-Spotted Wilt Virus and grows well in the South Texas summer heat.

It is determinate (bush varieties that produce a flush of  tomato fruit and then stops growing) and has been used by commercial producers.

The plants are relatively small (up to 2 feet in any direction) for the volume of tomato fruit. These plants were exposed to 3 light frosts in early May, so the actual size should be larger—but the fruit is still setting, despite the stunted growth! So far, it is meeting all expectations in our garden!

To be continued …



Fight Heat and Disease with ‘TOMATO 444’  accessed online, May 28, 2014 at —- last accessed May 28, 2014.


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