The “Red” Daylilies

Picture of maroon-colored daylily, 'Theron'

‘Theron’, May 2014

There are two “red” daylilies in my perennial gardens; one is ‘Prelude to Love’ and the other is ‘Theron’. I describe each of them as maroon–probably due to my Aggie lens! (We are both Texas A&M University former students).

Theron was the first “red” daylily—bred by Stout and released in 1934 (Dormant, blooms mid-May throught mid-June, no repeat) This was a pass along plant for my mother-in-law, and I acquired it from her about 8 years ago. I found it in a garden bed near the house, shaded from overgrown oak trees planted over 20 years earlier (but originally in full sun). Once carefully dug, I realized that there really wasn’t much time left because the tubers were tiny and there were only 3 of them. With care, I managed to bring it back to blooming and spreading.

Purchase in 1995, ‘Prelude to Love’ was one of the first daylilies I bought (that maroon lens again!).

Maroon to red colored daylily pictured.

‘Prelude to Love’, June 2014

This is a dormant, mid-June through July repeat bloomer.

Until this year, I thought that both of these were gone. They were discovered in unruly clumps of daylily tubers and roots—continued growing, but ceased blooming.

This year, they both have new locations in the improved raised bed. I expect to see a lot more of both of them from now on!



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