Spring Colors of Rose Leaves

After Spring pruning, roses emerge with brilliant colored leaves preceding the rose flowers. My favorite? Valentine’s display of deep maroon-purple leaves that fade to khaki green followed by the final darker green color.

A few others:

  • 7-Sisters — new leaves are lime green with dark green veins and a very soft, fluffy texture; over time, inter-vein spaces darken to match the veins, the texture becomes more leathery and the texture flattens.
  • Livin’ Easy — new leaves are significantly more shiny than others in the garden; the new leaves have a touch of bronze that fades to reveal the bright green followed by a darker green without the shiny surface
  • Iceberg, Climbing — new leaves are bronze, then transition to khaki green, followed by a darker green over time.

Leaf color clearly announces that Spring has arrived and flowers will be here soon!


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