Perennial Bed is Ready for Spring!

Perennial Bed--Oct. 27, 2013

Perennial Bed–Oct. 27, 2013

Last year was the conclusion of about a 3 year period where I failed to clean up weeds and grass in the perennial bed, and the end of about a 5 year period in which I did not divide the daylilies. As a consequence, the entire bed was a huge grassy mess (picture at left, from October, 2013) with extra large clumps of daylilies with fewer and fewer blooms each year.

Perrenial Bed-March 21, 2014

Perrenial Bed-March 21, 2014

I am happy to say that the mess has been cleaned up! I first posted about this process on March 3, 2014 — I have an updated picture of the current bed (left picture). I completed the mulching and dividing daylilies. I’m donating plants (see red arrow) to the local  Master Gardeners’ plant sale later this month. The rest of the daylilies are in extra large (see blue arrows) pots so I can monitor them and sort them by type — I know all my daylilies, but I’ve lost them over the years as the grass started to take over.

The bench was moved 2 feet to the left (so it’s now visible) and the branches behind the bench are from the lemon tree (seen with green leaves in the top left picture.

Watch for pictures of the daylilies blooming later this Spring and Summer. Also, the

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