Texas Bluebell

Native Texas Bluebell

Flowers of the Texas Bluebell are abundant around Brenham, Texas, in July and August.

Texas Bluebell, August 2, 2013.

Native wildflowers provide beauty and are well-adapted to the environment where they grow. The Texas Bluebell naturally grows in prairie type soils and is well-adapted to summer heat in Texas; however, enduring winter conditions North of Texas are too harsh for the plant to return on its own (without re-seeding).

The bluebell is now blooming in the Brenham, Texas, area—-location of the Blue Bell Creamery. The Texas bluebell—not the Texas Bluebonnet—was the inspiration for the name of Blue Bell Ice Cream. The bluebonnet appears in flushes of blooms in Spring and the blooms are generally gone by the time the Bluebell blooms in the heat of summer.Incidentally, summer is the best time to enjoy Blue Bell Ice Cream and see the beautiful wildflower in bloom!

Blue Bell Creamery History

Blue Bell Creamery History

More pictures of Bluebells

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