Popping Corn about Ready for Harvest!

Popping Corn!

picture of seed packet with mini pop corn on the cob

Popcorn on the cob

The popcorn is just about ready to harvest! Here’s the first cob. This corn was grown in a raised bed with no chemicals or pesticides — compost, soil, and mulch only!

Each corn plant has 3 cobs, and each of the cobs is about 4 to 5 inches in length. There were about 40 corn plants, so we are hoping for enough popping corn for several movies at home!

We are letting the plants and cobs dry before harvesting, then will be the task of removing these mini corn kernels from the cob.

These are non-GMO, so keep some seeds, or purchase them from your favorite seed company (mine is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, found online at rareseeds.com !  Enjoy!

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