What is damaging my Pepper Leaves?

Pepper Leaf with Cut-outs on leaf edges.

Pepper Leaf with Cut-outs on leaf edges.

In the garden, I found that some of the leaves on the bell peppers had been “cut out” along the edges.  This was not at all bothersome for me because these edges were removed by the Leafcutter bees that use the leaf pieces to make their nests. They are not aggressive and are an additional tool that nature uses for pollination.

Notice that only the edges are cut out and that there is more than 50% leaf remaining. This leaf will continue to engage in productive photosynthesis — so don’t remove a leaf if at least 50% is still intact.

Because I do not use pesticides of any sort or box fertilizers (compost only), it’s great to know that these bees will be using clean materials to build structures that will allow them to reproduce and continue on with nature’s work. Bonus! Notice how they do not take more than they need and they don’t just haphazardly cut the leaf up. These bees are welcome in my garden any time.


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