Fall Colors!

Blooming Oxblood Lilies and Shrimp Plant

Blooming Oxblood Lilies and Shrimp Plant

In USDA zone 8b, we enjoy a variety of bright colors in Fall, from plants that continue to grow through October and sometimes well into November.

The brilliant red (and somewhat maroon) Oxblood Lilies begin blooming late August and well into October. This year, we have them now, in November! Behind the Oxblood Lilies grow the Shrimp Plant–another heavy bloomer for late summer and well into Fall. The Shrimp plant produces straw-like salmon pink colored blooms and is well adapted for drought conditions.

These plants are easily established, and — with a good soil environment, such as in a raised bed with lots of organic matter—can quickly take over the area.

With just over a week until Thanksgiving, it’s nice to have a bit of blooming still in the garden!


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