Tomatoes and MORE Tomatoes … the varieties we are growing this year!

Tomato plants and seed packets in shopping cart.

First Tomato Plants, Purchased Feb. 27, 2016.

Determined to have fresh tomatoes for canning and for fresh salads, we started buying tomato plants and seeds early this year. 

Last year, we did not can a single quart of tomatoes, or pick a single tomato from the garden – – there were NO TOMATOES!! An extremely wet spring first drowned or began the rotting process in the tomatoes (and most other garden plants we had as well) and then the hot, dry summer finished off those that were replanted in our in-ground garden.

In this blog post, I’m documenting — in pictures — all the varieties of tomatoes growing in our gardens!

Many of these are Heirlooms, and all have great flavor!



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