How to Collect Seeds from Cypress Vine (Texas Star) and Cardinal Climber

Seeds from both Cypress Vines and Cardinal climbers are easily collected for next year.  Varieties will generally re-seed themselves. (The Cypress vine seed collecting is illustrate in this post. The difference between the two plants — Cypress Vine seed pods often bear around 20 seeds, but Cardinal Climbers only bear 1 or two seeds per pod.)
The key is to leave the seeds on the vine until the seed pods are brown (see figures above). To compare Cypress Vine and Cardinal Climber, click to see this earlier post.

Cypress Vine Seeds

Cypress Vine Seeds

Gently crush the brown seed pods to release the tiny dark, oblong seeds. Store in a paper envelope for the next season. Label the envelope with the name of the plant and the date the seed was collected (not shown in the figure).

I generally do not use plastic because it does not “breathe” well, so moisture can accumulate and potentially encourage mold growth.

I create the small envelopes by cutting a long envelope into 3 sections and then taping the open ends.

Happy Seed collecting!

3 thoughts on “How to Collect Seeds from Cypress Vine (Texas Star) and Cardinal Climber

    • I have started some of these from seed indoors. Do I need to stake them up until I can plant outside? Should I transplant them to a bigger pot or can they stay in the starter pod till moved out doors? This is all new to me! Thanks!

      • Sorry for the delayed response! These will climb onto pretty much anything that is near them (other plants, fence, lawn furniture). I usually give them something to grow on. They tend to die back with too little sunlight (my experience), but they are prolific seed producers! I also have problems with scales destroying them as it gets hotter and since I don’t use pesticides, these don’t last long into the heat of summer before they are overcome and turn brown from scales (an insect).

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