Last Figs Harvested for 2014—the LSU Purple Fig!

LSU Purple Figs, Nov. 2014

LSU Purple Figs, Nov. 2014

These dark-purple figs (LSU Purple) were picked on November 16, 2014, just days after the first freeze of the year.

The tree–planted 3 years ago—produced figs in early summer, and again in late Fall. The fig must be deep purple before it is ripe enough to pick, but once ripe it is quite sweet! Although the numbers of figs picked at one time were small (about 10 each time), they were perfect for an unexpected fruity snack!

The tree has little problem with the rust fungus that usually defoliates the Alma Fig tree–located about 10 feet away—during late summer.

We have 3 fig varieties; Alma, LSU Purple, and the one planted two years ago from a cutting of a large fig found growing wild in a friend’s pasture. That third tree is about 18 inches tall; it produced 3 figs in early summer, and 5 figs in late Fall. It reminded me of one that grew in my family’s back yard about 35 years ago….can hardly wait to sample what it produces next year!

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