Yard-Long Beans

Yard-Long Beans, June 2014; shows green beans about a foot long

Yard-Long Beans, June 2014

Yard long beans (Vigna unguiculata) are so named because they can easily reach lengths of around 36 inches. Best for cooking when about 10 to 12 inches; if allowed to grow to mature length, they are often used for seed but are a bit tough for cooking and eating.


These beans don’t have a lot of flavor (in my opinion) so they work great with any stir fry veggies available. The remind me of immature black-eyed peas (flavor wise) but provide great texture and color for stir-fry variety.

picture of cut up beans (about 2-4 inches in length)

Yard Long Beans Ready for Freezing


We blanched (dropped in boiling water for about 20 seconds, then drained) and placed them on cookie sheets for freezing flat — that keeps them from sticking together in the bag and they can be used in as many or few as desired without having to thaw the entire bag. This set of beans made 3 quarts:  2 quarts (vacuum sealed bags) plus 1 quart (resealable freezer bag for use within a month).

Not grown in our gardens, these were a gift from an awesome friend. They tolerate heat but not cold; we plan to add some in the Fall garden (about 70 days to maturity).




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