Let Daffodils “Naturalize”

Daffodils Naturalizing

Daffodils Naturalizing

My daffodils appeared in abundance this year, so early in the Spring, I transplanted a clump  to this pot in order to identify the plant and to save it for next year’s “pass along” plants.

The yellowing and browning is a natural process that Daffodils require for bulb survival. While still green, the tops continue to generate food energy that will be stored in the bulb—for survival of the bulb.

For best results — Allow the tops to die COMPLETELY (all brown and crispy) before removing (if desired). I don’t remove the brown material as it will compost on its own. (Some see destruction — I see the promise of future blooms.)

Finally, if the tops are removed green, the bulb may or may not survive, and any flowers generated will be small—if at all produced.

This Daffodil is “Narcissus x Golden Dawn“.


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