Spider Lilies with Spider

Spider lilies with spider guest

Spider lilies have a spider guest


My Spider lilies generally bloom when the high temperatures near 90 and low temperatures are about 70. For this area of Texas, that can happen anywhere from early April through June — this year has resulted in a later than usual bloom for my plants.

Closer inspection of the picture — area in red rectangle — reveals that the lilies have a spider guest. I just had to take this picture!

My landscape includes spider lilies near areas that are shady in the afternoon and evening. Those lilies that were growing in the less shady areas did not survive the drought over the last few years. These receive drip irrigation when the temperature rises and rains stop.

The last few days have been great — highs in the low 90’s and lows in the low to mid 70’s. We have been visited by a rather slow moving, light rain producing low pressure area trapped between two high pressure regions. Rain in July is rare!



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