Growing Meyer Lemons–Maximizing Yield

Flower blooms on the Meyer Lemon Tree on Dec 23, 2015

Meyer Lemon Blooming, Dec 23, 2015

Our Meyer Lemon tree has been producing lemons for about 4 years now; two years ago there were no lemons produced after a winter with a number of days of freezing temperatures that were below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Managing this Meyer Lemon through such temperatures is challenging. With appropriate measures, however, the damage can be minimized.

This past winter (2015-2016) was quite mild, so our Meyer Lemon tree began producing flowers very early. Next, the Spring provided substantial volumes of rain and mild temperatures–combine that with bees constantly buzzing about–and we now have a tree that is absolutely loaded with baby Meyer Lemons.

How to fertilize a Meyer Lemon.

Compressed spike with plant fertilizer

Citrus Fertilizer Spike

We use the fertilizer spikes for citrus — you select the brand, there are several available in most gardening stores. The picture (right) shows the spike plus the plastic cap that is placed on top of the spike as it is pushed into the ground around the tree. Follow the instructions on the package to add nutrients to the soil around your Meyer Lemon tree.


How can I maximize the number of lemons obtained from a healthy tree?

  • If the tree appears healthy (growing, adding and keeping shiny green leaves, no evidence of viral disease, etc.) and produces a considerable number of blooms, fertilize around Valentine’s Day.
  • If on Mother’s Day the tree still has fruit set — if it is not dropping the fruit that resulted from bee pollination — it is time to fertilize again.
  • If on Father’s Day the tree still has fruit set, fertilize once more.
  • Continue to monitor water needs of the tree.

The Lemons continue to grow and I fully expect that we will be adding the fertilizer spikes on Father’s day (+/- a day or two) as well!




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