Weather Change

This morning, July 2, 2013 – in Central Texas – it was a cool 64° outside at 6 AM. This is an unusual turn in the weather pattern as we generally start out around 72° or higher in July. The high-pressure has shifted west and has taken the heat with it. Our high today is projected to be 91°, that’s lower than the low temperatures being experienced in the Western United States.

The slightly cooler temperatures provide a break for plants in the garden; however, most of the plants are quite stressed now – after four days of triple digit temperatures. This change in weather events is good for us because it means that we probably won’t lose any trees this year. Over the last three years of drought, we have lost three small trees but have saved the larger trees through drip irrigation.

This break in weather should also encourage a few more blooms from the roses, so I’ll be posting pictures of that as they become available. The temperatures are not expected to return to triple digits for at least the next seven days – almost unheard of in Central Texas in the summer!

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